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Essentials for Keeping Cool on a Rendezvous at the Death Valley

Death Valley is a location in the U.S that most people dream of visiting. Due to the extremely hot atmosphere around this desert, it is visited by millions of people each year. Despite of its thrilling name, Death Valley has some of the most interesting sites which make it a suitable destination for a road trip.

The only issue is that in most years, this desert records at least two death cases caused by heat. This is because it is a desert with very high temperatures. This is why it got the name. Following this, it is important that you take note of a few things when planning for a trip to this place especially if you will be having your car. When it comes to Death Valley, people due in cars and dogs as well due to too much heat. So on your rendezvous here, here are the top three tips to help you stay cool.

First consider your car. If your car has hit the road for many years do not dare take it with you. Also avoid a black car due to the high temperatures. Without any doubt, the best car would be white. If you can’t get one, you can they choose a bright color that is bale to reflect the scorching sun rays. Another thing that you ought not to miss is high quality air conditioning system. You can have some cool sessions along the way as having the machine on all the time may damage the car.

The next essential tip is to ensure that you take shelter at every stop. Even with a bright colored car with a proper functioning air conditioning unit, the heat will become more unbearable as you proceed to the interiors of the Death Valley. Therefore, you will find it necessary to take few stops. At this point, taking a long awning would be the best idea as the last thing you want is to stay under the burning sun rays. With this, you will be preventing sun burns and heat strokes. Fortunately, awnings are very easy to make hence , you will not have to roast in the sun in the process.

Last but not least, make sure that your trunk is full of enough bottled water. In most times people miss to accurate determine the amount of water they would need. But preferably, each person should carry at least 20 liters of water. Remember that you still have to regulate the rate at which you drink the water. You should avoid taking bigger drinks at a go but rather sip or take a cup of water at an interval of half an hour so that you can remain hydrated all the way.

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