Let’s work on how to achieve your best legs now and have healthy legs for life!


Taking care of your legs now, while you’re young, to ensure healthy legs for life.

Why having healthy legs are important:

You know that exercising is important for taking care of your heart. But have you considered the importance of taking care of your legs? Most people don’t. 

Doing leg exercises is one of the most important things you can do for having the best legs possible. Here’s why!

Strength training, even in its simpliest form, helps strengthen your best legs by doing the following:

  • builds the muscles in your legs so you can move more efficiently with ease,
  • makes you stronger so you can be more active
  • helps keep your bones strong
  • protects your joints during impact active – like just walking!
  • keeps you from losing muscle mass, which keeps joints strong and flexible – helping with balance, stability, and flexibility
  • can help lower blood pressure
  • By having strong leg muscles that are toned and healthy, you are helping to maintain strong muscles in your upper body as well. It even helps with getting a flatter stomach!

    The short time I was into body building, I had a local champion body builder working with me on my legs. While I was working with him, I often complained that I would really like to have a flatter stomach. (Both of my children were born by cesarean method and it was hard to get my stomach back as flat as before I had my kids.)

    My trainer told me to concentrate on my legs and I would get my stomach muscles toned as well. He said the best way to remove fat on the stomach is to build strong leg muscles. This is because increasing muscle mass leads to more calorie burning and results in less stored fat in the body.

    The legs and butt have the largest muscles in the body and it is easier to increase muscle mass in the large muscles than the small muscles in the abs. Well, it worked! And, I’ve made it a practice to work on having healthy legs.


    I have two quick suggestions that you can do right now that will help you have your best legs now – and healthy legs for years to come.  What are they?

    – stop crossing your legs –  I know we do it because it shows off our beautiful legs, but you cut off blood flow through your legs when you cross them.  What this does to your legs down the road is cause spider veins and varicose veins to form.  Yet these are just two of the many problems that can occur.  Do you want to know what other problems could occur?

    – quit wearing high heels-  Yeah, they make your legs look long and shapely – but down the road you can develop things like bunions, ingrown toenails, and can even cause your posture to be out of line.  What other problems can develop from wearing high heels?

    10 Tips For Having Your Best Legs And To Have Healthy Legs For Life!

    Here are 10 important tips to help guide you on how you can be working now for healthy legs for life:

  • 1. Exercise– walking, running or jogging are great ways to generate good blood circulation in your legs. It has been suggested by the Surgeon General that taking 10,000 steps per day helps in maintaining a healthy weight as well as builds bone and muscle mass.
  • 2. Taking the proper amount of Calcium and Vitamin D– these vitamins help maintain great bone health.
  • 3. Moisturize– helps in the maintenance of skin’s elasticity and supports your cell walls, which could prevent, or minimize, the appearance of varicose veins.
  • 4. Avoid high heels– shoes with lower heels work your calf muscles which helps with circulation and healthy veins – and can help prevent more serious problems down the road.
  • 5. Take showers– instead of baths. When you take hot baths the blood vessels dilate causing a decrease in the return of blood from the legs.
  • 6. Elevate your legs– when sitting at work or while watching TV, raise your legs parallel to the ground to improve blood flow to the legs as well as to the rest of the body.
  • 7. Stop crossing your legs– this restricts blood flow and allows for a greater chance of Venous Disease.
  • 8. Don’t Smoke– if you do – stop! Smoking effect your circulation throughout your entire body and increases the risk of Venous Disease.
  • 9. Healthy Diet– maintaining a proper weight provides overall health for your legs not to mention your whole body. Being overweight adds pressure on your legs increase the risk for cellulite, spider veing and Venous Disease.
  • 10. Avoid sitting or standing still for too long– you need to keep your legs moving or you increase the risk for blood clots in legs. This applies to men as well.
  • Suggestion: When taking long plane or car rides (suggested time is 90 minutes) try to take walking breaks.  This will help cut down on Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) better know as deep blood clots in the legs.

    So what else can I do to get healthy legs?


    – Here are 8 ways to make sure your best legs have good circulation. Did you know that the veins in your legs carry a large amount of blood which collects in the lower legs because of gravity? This could lead to leg swelling which can cause night time leg cramps. Having strong calf muscles help to act as a kind of pump to help this blood return to the heart. So you can see why having healthy legs are so important to circulation and overall health.

    – Things that can contribute to circulation problems in your legs. These are definitely worth reading. By being aware of these now, you can prevent problems later.

    I developed problems with my hands and feet that involves circulation. I did a lot of research on this problem and found a lot of information regarding circulation – and I’m passing this knowledge on to you. It has helped tremendously with my problem.


    The healthy leg suggestions I show you may help curb leg numbness. Exercising, proper eating and overall leg care could help your legs feel young for years. 

    Review these tips, please, and try them. You have nothing to lose but great legs! 

    Why not have your best legs now and get started on your healthy legs for life!!!

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