Choosing the best shaving cream or gel is not as easy as you would think.


And, do shaving creams and gels really help to give you smoother legs?

This page is going to explain why you should not shave without creams and gels and how to choose the best cream for your type of skin.

Why use shaving creams or gels:

In my 6 Tips To A Better Shave, I suggest using creams and gels to help give you a smoother shave.  Why?  For many reasons:

  • helps the razor glide over your legs and prevents tugging – aiding in smoother shaves with less irritation
  • provides a protective barrier on your skin to shield against cuts and nicks- minimizes razor burn, red bumps, irritation and ingrown hair
  • helps hair to stand up and become softer for easy removal
  • moisturizes your skin better than bar soap, helps prevent dry skin
  • helps to prolong the life of the blade in yoru razor
  • Here are a few things when considering your skin type and choosing the best cream or gel:

  • 1. Do you have sensitive skin– do you experience redness, stinging, irritation or itching? Do you tend to get nicks and cuts easily? If so, my guess is that you have sensitive skin. I suggest using a product that contains Aloe and Vitamin E.   One product I recommend that is specifically designed for sensitive skin is the Skintimate Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel. The rich lotions and soothing Aloe, along with the eight conditioners, emollients, and lubricants, not only help prevent nicks and cuts, but will moisturize and soothe your legs.
  • 2. Do you have dry skin– do your legs feel tight and dry right after you dry them off? Do your legs feel rough, even while shaving? I would say you may have dry skin and I highly recommend Gillette’s SatinCare for Dry Skin. The Glycerin and Shea Butter in this helps protect your skin from losing moisture while shaving. This is specifically designed for dry skin with a special moisturizing formula that will leave your skin extremely soft and silky to the touch.
  • 3. Do you just want to not shave everyday– you could wear pants to help hide the stubble, but that doesn’t help with wanting to feel smooth legs. There is a new cream that advertises that it will minimize hair growth. I know. I was suspicious too, until I tried it. It’s awesome! I’m talking about Noxzema’s Hair Minimizing Shave Gel. It takes a little time – but wouldn’t it be nice to get soft, smooth legs and only shave once or twice a week? This could truly become the best shaving cream on the market
  • It’s hard to pick the best cream by word of mouth.  Everybody’s legs are different – so you just have to try different ones.  The products I recommend can be purchased for under $2.00.  So, do what I do, try a different one on each leg the next time you shave and compare right there on the spot!

    Choosing which is the best shaving cream for you has to be your decision.  Hopefully reading my individual reviews on my preferred products will help you decide, at least which one to try first.

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