Garter belts and stockings go hand in hand, whether you prefer to hold your stockings up with lace garter belts or silk.

If you wear stockings you need garter belts, that’s a given, unless you wear hold-ups.  Why do you wear them?

Back in the 19th Century, women needed garters to keep their stockings up.  Garters back then were just a decorated elastic band worn just below the knees.  Girdles were worn to help shape a women’s body and when garters were attached, would also hold up their stockings.  Attaching garters to the girdles held up the stockings much better but it was uncomfortable to wear girdles all the time.

At the turn of the 20th Century the garter belt was created.  Women now had a choice as to how to hold up their stockings.  The girdle was so confining, so when the garter belt came along, women felt liberated.  Stockings were still a necessity because women did not wear pants, at least not in public, until sometime in the 60’s.  Owning stockings back then was something of a status symbol as they were relatively expensive for the time.  But women wore them to work, to the stores and even in their homes.  Going bare legged was unheard of back then.

Then came the creation of the pantyhose around 1960.  No longer was the need to clasp your stockings.  Everything you needed was right there.  And pantyhose helped to shape your tummy area too!

The garter belt of old had one purpose – to hold up stockings.  So why are they so popular today?

With the variety of lace garter belts, and silk and satin garter belts, not only are they considered practical and comfortable, they hold a sense of sex appeal.  Women wear them to feel sexy and feminine.  And men get excited seeing a women in garter belts and stockings.

So, why do you wear garter belts and stockings?  Is it the sex appeal, or that they help to enhance your romantic evenings, or do you just feel more comfortable in them?  Here is a list of reasons why women prefer garter belts:

  • to hold up their stockings;
  • they find them cooler in the summer months;
  • if they get a runner in a stocking they just replace the stocking of the leg with the runner;
  • the sexy-feminine feel;
  • and

  • they feel it enhances their romantic evenings.
  • So what’s the best way to wear garter belts and stockings?

    The first garter belt I ever wore was just elastic at the top (around the waist) with a strap in the front and back, to hook the stocking, for each leg.  By the end of the day, the elastic around the waist would slide down, which made my nylons sag and twist.  Embarrassing and very uncomfortable!  Eventually the elastic stretched out of shape.

    Today’s fashions however, are very different.  Not only is this intimate apparel packed full of sex appeal – they are designed to help shape and control as well.   And the satin and silk garter belts feel so good against your skin!

    If you are new to garter belts and stockings, this is the best way to wear one:

    1.  Stand in front of a mirror and be sure the belt part is level with the abdomen – it should fall just under the navel.

    2.  The hooks in the back should be centered.  If they are – go ahead and fasten the belt.  If you have an adjustable belt, be sure it is adjusted properly before fastening your stockings.

    3.  Working one leg at at time – pull the stocking up to the thigh – being careful not to snag the hose on your nails.

    4.  Hook each stocking in the front first – making sure the garter clasps are centered about 1-1/2 inches from the top of the nylon – being careful to not twist or pull them.

    5.  Bending at the waist without twisting your body, reach around and hook the nylon in back.  (Best to use the right hand for the right leg and left hand for the left leg.)  The belt latch in the back on the right leg will be slighty right, and slightly left on the left leg.  This helps keep your hose from snagging or running.

    6.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Are they straight?  If not, adjust where necessary.

    That’s it!  Pretty simple, huh?  –  You are ready to go!

    Wearing garter belts and stockings can be uncomfortable if not put on correctly or if you did not get the right size.  Take your time and get the one that is just right for you and make sure you attach your stockings correctly.

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