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The Motive Behind Joining the Ministry of Christian Renewal

Accepting Christ into your heart is actually a nice thing that makes a new path that needs to be walked alongside other believers. For any believer to remain strong, need to be filled daily with the word of God and through fellowships. Actually, people of the same character will always be friends and will be walking together. For that reason the ministry of Christian renewal was formed. The other name the ministry call itself is the Water from the Rock which is a bible story narrating a true story of how God nourished the Israelites in the wilderness. Below here are some reasons why you should be motivated to join the ministry.

Have ever heard, pastors preaching on the radio after the sermon prays for those who want to come into the congregation of the saints, the last statement they make always is go to a bible believing church where you will be taught the pure word of God. Water from Rock phoenix bible study is aministry under the Ministry of Christian Renewal which is to help the members study the word. After God gave the children water from the rock it was an indication of God leads and more so cares for His people, this is the story behind the [Water from Rock phoenix bible study You can never claim to know God if you do not know His word which is his mind.The ministry of Christian Renewal is known for it strong stand when it comes to teaching the word of God ,hence it is the ideal place for you if you are a new believer or for you that has been on the walk for a long period.

Through giving opportunities for leadership in different departments of the church the ministry has bought up very renown and competent leaders. The ministry offers leadership programs meant to equip leaders for all aspects of life be it for the corporate world, political sector and many others. On the other hand, the church has programs that help in nurturing different talents, for example, the music department gives the singers the opportunity to grow.

Definitely once in a while you might be faced with a challenge that needs the help of a counselor. That challenge will require you to seek guidance from an expert which the church has taken care of by having people to guide you through the process. Do not make unguided decisions when you can just click thier number for help.

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