Girls in tights wear them for more than just dance nowadays.  They are wearing tights to work and play.

Tights can be worn to work with skirt, pants or an evening out with a fancy dress or just a long shirt.

Although thicker than pantyhose, most women will wear them in place of their pantyhose.  They help keep your legs warmer in the winter months, and because of all the colors and patterns available, you can nowadays wear them just about anywhere!

How are you wearing tights?

As I said before, it’s very fashionable to wear them to work or an evening out or just for play.  I like them in the winter to help keep my legs warmer.

Here are a couple I have tried and really like:

Silky Opaque Tights by No Nonsense with Control Top – the soft silky feel makes your legs comfortable all day long.  You will find it hard to believe they are tights!

Hue Tights – Women’s Opaque Sheer To Waist – The medium denier of this material makes them ideal to wear all year long.  These are very comfortable.

Stop thinking of them as just for young girls!  It’s fashionable for women to wear them.  Which one will you choose?

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