How To Install A Portable Air Cooling Unit In A Home

When the sweltering heat of summer begins, many people run to their thermostat to turn on their air conditioning. Individuals without central air are forced to either live without it or install a reliable portable unit that can help keep their home comfortable. One of the latest designs uses a device on wheels, which can be easily moved around and utilized in a space where standard windows aren’t accessible. Here is how to install a unit of this design so that it will operate reliably.

Unit Placement

For them to be efficient at their job, an air conditioner unit will need to be installed in a central location. If the center of a room is not an option, then consider placing the unit in an area that is exposed to the greatest amount of heat. This will help the device combat any heat created by direct sun exposure and help offset the hottest of summer temperatures.

Condensation Line

Air conditioners create condensation during their operation, and all units have a collection bucket that can be used for gathering the excess moisture. Rather than having to waste time emptying the bucket, many homeowners choose to connect a drainage hose to the unit, which will allow the surplus water to automatically be released outside and allow the device to run without the user having to lift a finger.

Return Air Exhaust

As an air conditioner runs it will exhaust hot air outside, so only cold air will enter the interior space. Most portable air con units have a long hose that can be adjusted to fit a wide array of windows, which makes them perfect for installation in a non-standard opening. It is important to cover the existing space around the exhaust hose to prevent warm air from being able to enter the home and cause the unit to work harder.

A portable air conditioner can be an inexpensive way to keep a home cool, and most anyone can complete installation in just a few minutes. Be sure to purchase a unit that will provide adequate cooling for the intended space and will be easy to maintain. With the right amount of research and a little knowledge, anyone can find the perfect AC units for their home.

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