A nylon hold ups review page to help you decide which hold up may be right for you.  Maybe you prefer to wear opaque hold ups.


A hold up is the perfect alternative to stockings, especially if you don’t like garter belts, and don’t like pantyhose, but feel your legs and outfit look better with hose.

How do they work:

Also known as ‘stay-ups’ or ‘thigh-highs’, this style of hosiery stays in place with the help of a silicone band and an elasticated top.  If you select the correct size and if they are put on property, they are a great alternative to garter belts and stockings.

How to get the Perfect Fit:

When you purchase your hold up, be sure the lace band fits snuggly on your thigh without being too tight.  The lace should come to mid-thigh.

How to get them to stay up:

First, buying the correct size helps the most.  They should fit snuggly without bulging over the lace band.  And the lace hold up stockings will stay up comfortably.

Second, I recommond avoiding moisturizers, lotions and powder on the day that you wear them.  These products will prevent the silicone from sticking to your legs properly – and could cause them to slip down frequently.

The nice thing about these is the variety of the hose.  You can get them from nylon hold ups, lace, satin, patterned and different colors.  They even come in opaque.  Let’s not forget they come in sheer as well! (Look for the denier to be 12 or below.)

These are a cooler alternative in the summer months when hosiery is a necessity, and are a great alternative to wearing stockings and garter belts.  These are great to wear with tight skirts when you don’t want to wear pantyhose and garter belts make you feel uncomfortable.

But which brand gives you the best wear, or for that matter stay up the best.

I’ve listed a couple of to help you determine which ones you may want to try first.

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