For “secretaries in stockings” this is a review page to help you choose the most perfect stockings for work or any occasion.


With so many varieties of stockings out there, how is a women to choose?

In the past, all secretaries wore nylons to work.  They had no choice.  But, with today’s fashions, women choose to wear them for lots of different reasons.  Any many women find them comfortable enough to wear to work.  But, how do you choose which are the best for today’s Secretaries ?

I wear pantyhose mostly, but on very special occasions I have been known to wear stockings.  I prefer to wear ones that are comfortable.

Here are a couple that I have tried and really like.  See which one you would like to read more about and find out what others have to say, and why these are preferred by those “secretaries in stockings!”

Berkshire Ultra Sheer Stockings – These will make a romantic evening really special.  Made of 100% nylon, these are so soft feeling and very comfortable to wear even to work.  They long a long time too!

Hanes Silky Sheer Silk Reflections Stockings – I like these because they are made of nylon and spandex which allows them to conform gently to the shape of your legs.  If you prefer to wear stockings over pantyhose, you’ll love wearing these to work.

Now that you think you might like to be one of those who prefer to wear stockings – match it up to a beautiful garter belt.  If you wear stockings, you absolutely need garter belts!

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