When you think of sheer hosiery, what comes to mind?  Pantyhose or stockings?  And do you know it’s now fashionable to see women in tights?  What type do you prefer?

Sheer hosiery – whichever type you choose, can make or break an outfit – whether you are going to work or a romantic night out – choosing the right type of nylons is important.

The technical definition for hosiery is “knitted cover ups” for the legs and feet referred to as legwear.  However, we use hose and nylons to incorporate them all.  But there is a difference.

Pantyhose – is an all-in-one (panty and stockings).  They are comfortable, convenient and relatively inexpensive.  You can get these with reinforced toes to wear with closed-toed shoes and offer more protection from running, or now they have toeless pantyhose so you can wear with your sandals or most open-toed shoes.  And how about control top – to help suck in that gut!  For tips on choosing and getting the best wear from your pantyhose visit “How to Wear Pantyhose.”

Stockings – refers to two pieces (one for each leg) and usually worn with garter belts.  You can go with fishnet stockings, lace or just lace top stockings.  And these even come in different colors and lots of designs.  Think about the occasion and choose wisely.

Hold-ups – much like stockings but without the need of a garter belt.  This type of sheer hosiery stays up with the help of silicone bands.  Hold ups are also known as stay-ups or thigh-high stockings.  These come in an array of colors and designs.  Sex up your evenings with lace top hold ups!  These are a great alternative to stockings and garter belts.

Tights – are not just worn in tap or ballet classes anymore!  Now it appears to be very fashionable to see women in tights, whether in the office, for play or a night on the town.  They come in lots of colors and designs and are great to wear in the winter months to help protect your legs from the cold!

If your legs are less than perfect – but you don’t want to wear hosiery all the time – try leg makeup to hide your imperfections or make your legs look like they’ve just been out in the sun – even in the winter!

Maybe you are one of those women who think wearing sheer hosiery is for the birds!  If you’ve got perfect legs I guess you can bare them!  There’s a great debate on wearing hose in the workplace.  What’s your thoughts on the subject?

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