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A Dog-friendly Home

Pets usually form a part of the family, but they do not always complement our homes. However, it is unfortunate that living with a pet leaves no home safe from filth, fleas or fur balls. You can make a few changes to make your home environment more conducive for dogs.

Invest in Durable Fabrics-The first thing you will need to do is invest in durable fabrics, such as velvet because it is not prone to get ruined by your dog’s nails and will not trap hair. What is more, they will be more easy to clean. Additionally, it will look fantastic and feel great against your skin.

Buy a Flea Treatment- The very last thing you may want is a flea infestation in your home. You should get a preventive flea treatment to stop those annoying bugs from making their way into your space and on your pet. That will be the end of painful and itchy flea bites and a start of you enjoying a pest-free home.

Get a Throw Blanket– This blanket provides a burst of color into the d?cor of your home while protecting your furniture from pet hair or paw prints which may ruin the interior design. So, you may even invest in a white sofa without worries of destruction by your dog.

The Appropriate Rugs-Pet owners can undergo their fair share of carpets. So one needs to invest in the right product for both your dog and your home. Invest in a low pile rug, since they are often easier to clean. Dark-coloured rugs with small patterns will allow you to hide any stains. Moreover, colorfast fibers may also make it is easier to clean your rug.

Avoid shag rugs because they are difficult to clean once they get dirty and liquids. What’s more, sisal and other natural rug fibers may also stain the moment they get wet, making it hard to clean.

Invest in Budget Friendly Furniture-It is very important to invest your money wisely when living with pet dogs. The truth is that sofas will get filthy and clothes will get stains, and that is the reason you need to think about investing in furniture that is not so expensive. You are able to add a touch of luxury by buying accessories or art, which will guarantee your interior design looks fantastic.

Accept Your Home’s Imperfections-Those little layout imperfections are what makes a house a home. Living with a pet makes it even harder to get that charming perfect house. Pets can be messy by nature, so stop striving for perfection and adopt the imperfections and once you do so, you can start enjoying a much happier home life.

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