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How are Keto Diets good for you?

In the recent past, Keto diets are gaining popularity, and the reasons are good. Keto Diet is a good way to maintain, stay healthy and rapidly lose weight. People who have tried Keto diets and still on it know that is not just any other diet. It is a complete lifestyle change. However just like any change, it is not easy and needs a lot of determination and commitment.

Not everybody agrees to this notion that keto diets are for the improvement of the quality of life. This is because we all we know is that to lose weight you have to avoid fatty foods that we love to keep eating. So when suddenly we are told that healthy fats help in weight loss, people get skeptical as to why and how eating more fat would result in weight loss.

Keto has the flu that comes with drowsy, achy, nauseous feeling not to mention migraines. Most people quit during the first week of attempting the keto diet. This should not discourage anyone who wants to try the keto diet because it is a statistic that most people fail however when one goes through the first week they are over comers. This first week is known as the rough spell, and there are some remedies that can be used to help to sail through. Supplements, bone soup, lots of water, eat meat and sleep well is helpful.

Common diets the intake of carbs is because that is why it will be converted to glucose for body fuel. As long as there are carbs in the body is fueled. On a keto diet where carbs are low, the body is left to use anything available to fuel the body for the body to properly function. Healthy fats get consumed in the absence of carbs, the liver utilizes fatty acids and converts them to ketone bodies.

When a body needs energy, and there are no carbs, and it uses fats that is ketosis. This is the normal state of the body. The body is operating on healthy fats since unhealthy fats, and sugars have so far been removed. In rapid weight loss, performance and health are the benefits that it comes with. In case of type 1 diabetes a lot of ketosis is not good. In type 2 diabetes and if fasting ketosis may be good.

Now to know what to eat and not, many people know that Keto is not easy to stick to low carb diet even though the cornerstone of this diet is fat. Healthy fats are important. In healthy fats there is beef, lamb, goat, poultry’s, seafood and fish. You can partake in butter and salt-free butter. Avoid grains, starchy vegetables and fruits.

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