If you want to be one of those girls with great legs – read my weight loss ideas . . .

. . . quit dieting and follow my tips on healthy eating.

The best thing you can do for your legs is to quit dieting.  Stop those gimmick dietsand follow a good exercise and dieting program that’s consistent and healthy.

If you follow my weight loss ideas, you should be able to keep your legs healthy for life – both inside and out!

Along with aerobic and leg shaping exercises – the next important thing you can do to be one of those girls with great legs is eating healthy.

When your body is healthy, and you are doing the best exercises for your legs on a regular basis, you should be able to maintain your great legs for a lifetime!

I don’t recommend gimmick diets, or yo yo diets – why?

Most diets fail because you are deprived of something you can’t – or won’t – live without.

When you are deprived for too long you get bored with your diet and quit.  Then you start eating the things you were deprived of and gain your weight back.  Did you know that 95% of people who go on gimmick diets will gain back their lost weight!  Shocking, isn’t it?

It all has to do with metabolism:  the rate at which your body burns calories.  When you first start on a diet, your body will lose weight just because of what you are depriving it of.  Then, when you deplete your fat stores, you slow down your metabolism.  The body gets use to this and plateaus.  This is when people usually get frustrated and quit.  Since your metabolism is lower, you gain weight back quickly, and usually more than you originally lost.

What this can possibly do to your legs is cause stretch marks and cellulite because of the gaining of fat and then losing it, and back and forth.  You can also develop sagging skin from them being stretched out when you gain your weight back.

And, that’s just what you can see.  Think about the danger to your veins and joints – not to mention the damage being done to your skin itself!

This section of my website is going to discuss weight loss ideas – what works and what doesn’t and why!

I’m going to define diets and dieting and discuss the effects of dieting in greater detail and discuss yo yo dieting and fad diets.

Then I’m going to discuss tips on healthy eating that will make your legs look great – inside and out!

My Weight Loss Ideas:

1. Diets and Dieting – I’ve defined what diets really are, why I recommend you stop gimmick diets and why you should quit dieting altogether.  Read about the gimmick diets I’ve tried and why they didn’t work.  What is the one thing I learned from these diets?

Food Combining Diet                   Low Carbohydrate Diet

Counting Points Diet                     Mini Meals Diet

2.  Effects of Dieting – What are fad diets and yo yo diets?   What this type of dieting can do to your legs.

3.  If you shouldn’t diet – what do you do to lose weight – and keep it off?  Why eating healthy is the best way to have great legs.  What is the best healthy eating plan.  Why small portions helps you lose weight fast and helps maintain muscular strength.

4.  How metabolism effects your diet.  This weight loss section is also going to help give you an understanding of how your metabolism plays a role in your diet – why you gain weight and why you lose weight because of your metabolism.

Use my Eating Healthy Guidelines to learn how to eat more healthy and develop smart eating habits.  These will help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  Use the Food Pyramid to make healthy choices on the food you eat.

Since diets and dieting can be defined as how you eat – then use my weight loss ideas, follow my tips on healthy eating and never have to do a gimmick diet ever again!

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